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Who are our ducks?

The Duck community is different from anything the financial world has seen
before. Our ducks are proud to commit to long term success.


Long-Term Opportunists

Our community is made up of investors that are looking to support projects in the long term.


Buzz makers

They can’t stop quacking about their investments on blogs and social media such as Twitter, 4chan and Reddit.


Worldwide Networkers

Our ducks are quick to multiply. Thanks to the far reach of their quacks, they can be heard in more than a dozen languages on every social media platform.

Our Partner

Ivan On Tech

“Great to be part of the ducks and help out building the future crypto projects BUIDL their way to success”

Our Partner


“DuckDAO Incubator has some of the strongest passion and energy I’ve seen in this space. This energy is VITAL for any success in the future – whether we land on the moon or beyond.”

Exchange Partners

Choose the Duck-side

A decentralised Defi VC

DuckDAO is where projects get funded by the community and not by a for-profit venture. This way, you kickstart with both the capital and the community you need.


Raise your private rounds from our thousand contributors, without a VC.


Get the most supportive and responsive community from day one.



I’m really excited to work with DUCK. Once we started all processes, DeFiPie immediatelly received a lot of hype. DUCK’s investors has “strong hands”, which never will do panic sell. Awesome support, a lot of connections and help – That’s just a small part of everything we’ve received. I personally recommend their services to everyone.

Aleksei Kopievskii


Duck has never missed to deliver and Team has been always responsive and dedicated even during the terrible crypto winter. I have multipled my investments several time with them in several occasions 100% reccomended.

Anonymous Duck

Duck #021

The DUCK Community is an extraordinary collection of crypto enthusiasts who are always willing to help and grow together. Here we have the opportunity to participate in projects, support them, promote them and make them big.

Anonymous Duck

Duck #512

I thought getting into private deals is just for VCs and wealthy people. Thanks to DuckDAO, I am in more private sales than I imagined I could get into.

Phillip Marz

Duck #412

I’ve known these guys for a few years and been using their services to buy into early stage projects with my investment group from Norway: NCG.CASH. We basically used DUCK for the whole raise GEEQ did, as it made it much more easier for us, and they have a long experience of handling sale processes. They are on point when it comes to fund transactions, vesting periods and have a great reputation among their community members for setting up the whole process for them.

Hans Dallas


Duck got Geeq a ton of attention, very fast. The guys at DUCK were available almost 24/7 with helping out in the progress and helping out with potential investors. I would definitely recommend them to anyone thinking about getting their services. Everything went quickly, and smoothly without any issues whatsoever

Robbie Vander Ghinste


Frequently asked questions

To join DuckDAO, simply press on one of our yellow “Join DuckDAO” buttons, where you will be redirected to our DuckDAO Lobby. Follow the pinned message inside of the group for further instructions. It’s that simple!

80.000 tokens will be used in various ways in the community incentive program for DuckDAO members. Rewards will be given to community members for active participation in deals, providing input during AMAs with projects, and for active participation in social media campaigns. 40.000 tokens are reserved as part of the reward program for the five Duck team members. They will be rewarded when a deal lists in profit and/or a hot deal can be closed successfully. No further tokens will ever go to the Duck Team after this allocated amount – they will have to purchase them on the market like everyone else.

500.000* tokens are locked in the Reserve and can only be unlocked through the voting of the Allstars. More than 50% of the Top 10 rich list individuals have to vote in favour for an unlock. Some cases where this may be necessary are:
– Liquidity needed for an Exchange
– Liquiditiy needed for member incentives
– Liquidity needed to adjust the token price (if it increases too fast because of curve domination)
Proposals for reserve token unlocking will be made by the Duck team and have to be confirmed by the Top 10 Tokenholders. A maximum of 100.000

* tokens can be used as part of the sale or airdrop depending on demand.

You can buy DuckDAO Dimes from Uniswap or Pancakeswap. Please follow one of our “Get DDIM Tokens” buttons in the top menu. 

Always make sure that you are trading from the correct Tokens address:

On Ethereum: 0xfbeea1c75e4c4465cb2fccc9c6d6afe984558e20

On Binance Smart Chain: 0xc9132C76060F6b319764Ea075973a650A1a53bC9 

Our current token-permissioned membership groups are:

🐥 The Duck Fightclub: 10 DDIM

🐥 Beach Club: 200 DDIM

🐥 Gentlemen’s Club (VIP): 2,500 DDIM

🐥 Diamond Club (VVIP): 10,000 DDIM

🐥 Duck Allstars Club: Top 10 DDIM holders per level

🐥 Incubation Level: We work with projects from their very beginnings up until the points they are listed on an exchange—plus more in aftercare. Incubated projects benefit from a range of marketing, advisory, and listing services to help catapult the project to success. 

🐥 Strategic Partnership Level: We assist projects with social media strategy, including Twitter and Telegram. 

🐥 General Contribution Level: DuckDAO manages OTC sales and community requests—there is no direct involvement with the project.

DuckSTARTER is the IDO/ILO platform from DuckDAO. While DDIM holders contribute to a project in an early stage, the DUCK holders can participate in the last sale of a project direct before the launch. To learn more please read here