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Open Campaigns

Underneath you will be able to find our highly vetted and curated list of campaigns you can takepart.

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Total Airdrop Amount:

100,000 $RICHAI

Number of Winners:

1x 10000 $RICHAI
45x 2000 $RICHAI

End of Campain:

2th May 2023


Total Airdrop Amount:

120,000 $DUCK

Number of Winners:

1x 10000 $DUCK
10x 1000 $DUCK &
1000x 100 $DUCK

End of Campain:

6th March 2023


Total Airdrop Amount:

2000 $USD + everybody get 250 $EMC

Number of Winners:

1000 Winners get 2$
everybody gets 250 $EMC

End of Campain:

17th March 2023

Neocortex AI

Total Airdrop Amount:

2000 $USD + 20 pNFTs

Number of Winners:

1x 100 $USDT
25x 4 $USDT
20x pNFT

End of Campain:

21th March 2023



There will be two Groups for DuckBoost: DuckBoost.

To join DuckBoost, all you need to do is to join the Campaign now, and you are registered for the next campaign. The next one will be soon enough 😉

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The tasks:

Underneath you can see a variety of some tasks.


A token airdrop is a way for blockchain-based projects to distribute free tokens to users. This is usually done to create excitement and awareness about the project. In a token airdrop, users may be required to complete certain tasks or meet specific criteria to receive the tokens. The tokens are then directly deposited into the user’s crypto wallet. Token airdrops are a popular way to promote a project and engage with the community.

Social Media Engagement

Social media engagement is a marketing strategy that involves encouraging people to interact with a brand or business on social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. This can include actions like liking, commenting, sharing, and retweeting posts, as well as participating in contests, polls, and surveys.

Product Testing

Product testing is the process of evaluating and assessing a product’s performance, functionality, and overall quality. It involves gathering feedback from potential customers, industry experts, and other relevant stakeholders. The aim is to identify and address any flaws, bugs, or issues with the product before it is launched to the general public. Product testing can involve a wide range of methods, such as beta testing, user acceptance testing, and quality assurance testing. Its goal is to ensure that the product meets or exceeds customer expectations and is optimized for its intended use.


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DuckBoost FAQ

What is DuckBoost?

DuckBoost is a program that allows you to earn money by promoting crypto products and services.

How does the DuckBoost program work?

Once you join the program, you can start earning cryptocurrency by performing tasks for crypto projects.

Is there a cost to join the DuckBoost program?

DuckBoost is free of charge. Please ask in our Telegram Channel for further information.




What kind of projects does DuckBoost offer?

Only crypto project of good quality can join our program. The projects will be before they go public, or even projects that are already on the market.



How much can I earn?

This depends on how much time you invest and of how many projects join the program.




How do I get paid fot the tasks?

You get paid in cryptocurrency, in the projects own token or in USD


Who is eligible to join the program?

Everybody can participate.