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Our strong community is the cornerstone of all that we do. This is a place for dedicated investors who want to share their insights and grow their knowledge alongside others in a supportive atmosphere. Become a part of something special and join our thriving community today.


Say goodbye to the frustrating gas wars and hello to BSC-20. Your membership is based solely on the number of DuckDAO tokens (DD) you possess, ensuring a level playing field for all.


Get your hands on the hottest early-stage deals, join thought-provoking high-level discussions, and stay ahead of the game with actionable information and in-depth research reports, all brought to you by our passionate and dedicated team.

Access DuckDAO´s Private Clubs

DuckDAO´s Private Clubs have a tiered structure. You chose which one fits your needs and budget. Obtaining an Inner Circle tier will also grant you access to a DuckSTARTER tier (see chart below)

Gentlemen Club and Diamond League have both exclusive deals as guaranteed allocations. The guaranteed allocation also applies to Champion tier in DuckSTARTER.

Token Amount
Inner Circle
40 DD
Fight Club
80 DD
Fight Club
200 DD
Fight Club
400 DD
Fight Club
800 DD
Beach Club
4,000 DD
Beach Club
10,000 DD
Gentlemen Club
40,000 DD
Diamond Lounge

How to enter the Inner Circle ?


Buy DD (DuckDAO) Token on exchanges mentioned below.

On a decentralised exchange you will need to have the Metamask APP on your phone or an extension in your browser.

Install Metamask

a) The Button below will open a tab where you can download Metamask from their official Website. After installing Metamask you need to buy some Ethereum.

Buy DD Token on Uniswap

You can buy DD Tokens using ETH in your Metamask

Stake DD Tokens

To get access to the DuckDAO platform


Enter the Inner Circle

After having purchased the amount of $DD Tokens for the club you want to join, click on the respective button, which will bring you to your club.

DuckDAO’s internal communities are managed by Collabland, a telegram bot that will track your DD holdings and gives you access to the inner circle with verified members.


Average ATH of projects we worked with


Welcome to our Community

We do KYC with a third-party KYC provider. No Data is shared with DuckDAO. Sanctionised countries are unfortunately excluded from the presales.

What Investment Rounds Exist in Crypto?

There are generally 4 rounds in Crypto

Seed Sales

The seed round is the initial stage of funding that a startup or a new business raises from investors. It typically takes place in the early stages of a company’s development when it is still in the idea or prototype phase. Seed funding is usually provided by angel investors or venture capital firms and is used to cover expenses such as product development, market research, and hiring key personnel. The seed round is often followed by subsequent rounds of funding as the company grows and expands.

Private Sales

The private round is a type of funding round where a company seeks investment from a group of private investors. Private investors may include wealthy individuals, family offices, or angel investors. The private round is typically pursued after the seed round and may be used to fund product development, marketing, or other growth initiatives. Private rounds may offer a company more flexibility in terms of structuring the investment, but may also require more time and effort to secure funding from a group of individual investors.

Strategic Sales

The strategic round is a type of funding round where a company seeks investment from strategic investors, such as corporations or individuals who can provide value beyond just financial resources. These investors may have expertise or networks that can help the company grow and achieve its goals. The strategic round is usually pursued after the seed round and may be used to fund product development, marketing, or other growth initiatives. Strategic investors may also provide guidance and mentorship to the company’s leadership team.

Public Round (IDO)

IDO stands for Initial DEX Offering, which is a type of fundraising event in the cryptocurrency space. It involves a decentralized exchange (DEX) platform that enables the sale of newly created digital tokens to investors. In an IDO, the project team creates a new cryptocurrency or token and then lists it on a Decentralised or Centralised Exchange where investors can purchase it directly using other cryptocurrencies.


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KYC Required

At our company, we take regulatory compliance seriously, and we strive to ensure that all of our clients’ transactions are conducted in a safe and secure manner. That is why we have partnered with a trusted third-party provider to conduct Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) checks.

We understand that privacy is of utmost importance to our clients, which is why we want to assure you that no data collected during the KYC/AML process is shared with Duckdao or any other third party. Your personal information will only be used for the purpose of verifying your identity and ensuring that your transactions meet regulatory requirements.

We believe that this extra layer of security helps to protect both our clients and our business, and we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of regulatory compliance. Thank you for considering us for your financial needs, and please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


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What is The Inner Circle?

The Inner Circle consists of four Clubs and forms the DuckDAO Community as a whole.

Which cryptocurrencies are accepted at presales?

All Stable Coins on Binanche Chain are accepted: USDC, USDT and BUSD.

Can I stake DD tokens?

Yes, to access Duckstarter.io and the Inner Circles you have to stake your $DD Tokens on access.duckdao.io

Where is DuckDAO based?

DuckDAO team members work from all over the globe.

How can I get involved?

Join our Lobby in Telegram or join directly one of our Clubs and be part of Cryptos Marketing Community No. 1

Why the name DuckDAO?

We love Ducks and Love DAOs, easy 🙂