Welcome to the DuckDAO Token Merger

The DDIM token and DUCK token merge will unite to form the new DuckDAO token, abbreviated as DD.

The stake-in period to merge took place successfully in November 2023. 

On December 1st, 2023, the new DD token was listed on Uniswap and all merged tokens became claimable or distributed.

MERGE (completed)
LATE-COMER MERGE (completed)


If you have missed it you have still the possibility to merge your DDIM and DUCK into DD token by filling out this form!

The merge offer is only valid for DUCK and DDIM that have been in your possession BEFORE November 29th!
The following rules will be applied:
You can get new DD token for your old tokens until the end of May 2024 (hard deadline).
The values of the old tokens are pegged at the dollar value of
DDIM at $2.05 and DUCK at $0.0205 as of Nov. 29th, 2023.

Example: if you have 100 DDIM and you request the merge, it will be calculated with the reference exchange rate of $2.05. You will receive exactly $205 in DD tokens based on the DD token market price. If DD is at $2.05 at the time of distribution, you will receive 1 DD for 1 DDIM.

The DD token price will be fixed at the time of distribution. Also, there will apply a vesting based on the current DD token price.

Vesting formula: for each multiple of the listing price of 0.55$ there is 1 month of vesting added, up to a maximum of 12 months. That means: 

  • DD rate < $ 0.55 no vesting
  • $ 0.55 < > $ 1.10 1-month vesting (50% immediately, 50% 1 month later)
  • $ 1.10 < > $ 1.65 2-month vesting (33.3% immediately, 33.3% each month)
  • $ 1.65 < > $ 2.20 3-month vesting (25% immediately, 25% each month)
  • etc. 

The vesting starts on the day of the distribution, which will happen at least once a month.

Tokens and NFTs are sent in batches, it can take up to one week to receive them.

Apply now for the manual token merge. Click here!

If the person loses his Tier Group Access in the Inner Circle Group, we will give the possibility to lock the tokens but keep the group access*.
Click here.


If the person already received the merged tokens and lost Access to Tier Groups, we will give the possibility to lock the tokens but keep the group access*.
Click here.

*Same penalties apply to the NFT  as to staking tokens:

Days                                          Penalty

less than 10 days ago               30%

less than 20 days ago               25%

less than 30 days ago               20%

less than 60 days ago               10%

less than 90 days ago                 5%

after 90 days                                0%


The ratio for the official token merge was determined on an average price of DDIM and DUCK during the merging period

1 DDIM : 4 DD

25 DUCK : 1 DD

The listing will happen on December 1st, 2023 between 4 pm and 8 pm UTC.

Shortly before listing, the remaining liquidity will be drained from Uniswap by market sales of Duck and DDIM. The drained liquidity will be used for adding additional liquidity to the new DD token and for operating costs. 

The claiming for merged tokens on the Ethereum blockchain will open a few minutes after the new liquidity is successfully provided on Uniswap.

DuckDAO Token $DD is available for trading now on Uniswap.

  • The following tokens will be distributed directly:
  • Tokens still staked from Black Friday 2021 or earlier
  • Duckstarter unstaking punishment replacement
  • Tokens from the Liquidity sale (Black Friday ‘23)
  • Tokens from the BSC token merger

Token Economy DD

In % of total
Token count
DDIM Member
36.36 %
4,726,996 DD
DUCK Member
22.58 %
2,935,988 DD
Old Reserve --> New Reserve
7.14 %
928,755 DD
Additional to New Reserve
9.91 %
1,288,260 DD
12 months
Marketing / Community Rewards
9 %
1,170,000 DD
12 months
260,000 DD
12 months
Core Team
4 %
520,000 DD
12 months
3 %
390,000 DD
on demand
Liquidity Raise
6 %
780,000 DD
13,000,000 DD


Token Amount
Inner Circle
40 DD
Fight Club
80 DD
Fight Club
200 DD
Fight Club
400 DD
Fight Club
800 DD
Beach Club
4,000 DD
Beach Club
10,000 DD
Gentlemen Club
40,000 DD
Diamond Lounge

 Claiming (Only For People that merged DDIM and/or DUCK with ERC 20)

Please head over to the merger page and click claim. If you have difficulties, a tutorial will be provided very soon.

People that have Black Friday Duck Status and people that merged on Binance Smart Chain: DON´T try to claim your tokens. They will be airdropped.

To get access to DuckStarter and the Inner Circle Groups please go to access.duckdao.io and get your Tier level by staking your DD tokens. You have access to both platforms! Example: If you are staking 800 DD tokens you have access to Duck Beach Club and to DuckStarter Platinum Level. 


After staking your DD, you can Access the Inner Circle Telegram groups with the following links:

Fight Club

Beach Club

Gentlemen Club

Diamond Lounge

Important Note: The token merge does not grant members the freedom to sell their tokens without consequences. Members who choose to sell their tokens after the merge will forfeit their pending allocations.