Welcome to DuckDAO

Welcome to DuckDAO

At DuckDAO, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide top-notch and lucrative opportunities for regular people to get involved with early-stage web3 projects.

While everything is simple and streamlined once you get settled in, we are aware that a lot of newcomers may find it difficult to understand what DuckDAO is, whether they want to get started, and how they can do that.

What is DuckDAO

What is DuckDAO

What is DuckDAO?
Simply put, DuckDAO is a community of web3 and crypto enthusiasts who are interested in early-stage projects.

Through DuckDAO we act as a single, unified entity and work directly with projects to provide them with funding and marketing. As a DuckDAO member, you will have the opportunity to participate in various presales, IDOs, and marketing activities.

DuckDAO is a managed community and it uses the $DD token as a sort of membership certificate. The $DD token is an ERC-20 token that you can purchase on Uniswap or MEXC.

$DD Token Contract: 0x7d51888C5ABb7CDfa9cdd6A50673c7F8afAccD7F

The $DD token is your passport to the DuckDAO universe!

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In 2016 DuckDAO was founded.
Over 25.000 Investors trust DuckDAO
2024 will be the year of further growth and new innovations.

What do DuckDAO members get?

What do DuckDAO members get?

Becoming a DuckDAO member provides you with access to:

Like-minded Community
The benefits do not end there as we regularly have unique opportunities to gain exposure to early-stage projects in other ways, such as marketing campaigns, airdrops, and more.

Who is DuckDAO for?

DuckDAO is not for everybody. If you are not a risk-taker, if you don’t believe in crypto, web3, and blockchain, and if you are not patient, you will not gain much value from your DuckDAO membership.

On the other hand, if you are a believer in technology, and patiently making good decisions, DuckDAO can prove to be a great partner and community to be a part of.

Here’s what some of our users have to say about their experiences with DuckDAO.

Disclaimer: Names have been changed to respect the privacy of our members.

Alexander Sterling

Joined DuckDAO in the summer of 2020 and it’s been a game-changer. Transitioned from Fight Club to Beach Club during the bull run, reaping significant benefits. DuckDAO’s expert vetting of projects has made navigating the ICO world much safer and more profitable. Now in the Gentlemen’s Club, I’m confident and excited about the future.

Evelyn Hart

Since joining the platform a few years ago, I have been given countless opportunities to participate in early-stage projects and get involved in various projects across almost every chain. I have been treated with individual support and my voice has always been heard. It is simply a pleasure to work with DuckDAO and its team.

The infamous Poolz presale in 2020, followed by the exceptional performance of Bloktopia and many others in 2021, has made joining DuckDao one of my best crypto investment decisions to date. Even throughout a grueling bear market, the team has never stopped building, meaning that we are now readier than ever for the next bull run. Three years on, I continue to trust their judgment when it comes to sourcing and vetting projects in the hottest emerging narratives — all within a safe investing environment.

Samuel Jackson

As one of the first members of DuckDao, having joined at the very beginning, I’ve witnessed the incredible growth of a platform and a thriving community. DuckDao goes beyond offering high ROI deals; it fosters a dynamic network where knowledge, innovation, and professionalism converge.

Being a part of DuckDao means more than just participating in lucrative opportunities; it means being embraced by a passionate, informed, and connected community. The team’s commitment to staying at the center of significant crypto ecosystems reflects their dedication to creating a collaborative space where every member plays a vital role.

DuckDAO stands out as a beacon of innovation and community strength in an ever-evolving crypto landscape. Proud to be a member from day one.

Who is DuckDAO for

Is DuckDAO for you?

Only you can answer this question. What we can say is that getting started with DuckDAO is easy and inexpensive. The Fight Club (our most affordable member tier) is a great way to get your feet wet and expose yourself to what it’s like to be a DuckDAO member.

How do I get started?

Membership in DuckDAO is managed through the $DD token.

To gain access to the Inner Circle groups, you must stake the token on access.duckdao.io or stake $DD LP tokens on the DuckDAO farm at prison.duckdao.io.

Learn more about the farm here.


What are the Inner Circle groups?

This is where the magic happens. The Inner Circle consists of verified $DD token stakers. There are two types of Inner Circle Groups. One is for the DuckDAO inner circles, where each tier has its group. The other is for DuckSTARTER where a single group is shared by all tiers.

DuckDAO Inner Circles:

  • Fight Club — 40 $DD staked
  • Beach Club — 800 $DD staked
  • Gentleman’s Club — 10,000 $DD staked
  • Diamond Lounge — 40,000 $DD staked

DuckSTARTER Inner Circles:

  • Bronze — 80 $DD staked
  • Silver — 200 $DD staked
  • Gold — 400 $DD staked
  • Platinum — 800 $DD staked
  • Champion — 4000 $DD staked

Staking more than your tier?

Untill you reach the next tier, every token you have staked will contribute to the allocations you receive.

For example, if you have staked 4,000 $DD tokens, you will get $660 allocation compared to a user that stakes only 800 $DD, who gets a $500 allocation.

Extra token staking allocation rewards vary between tiers.

Each deal will have a different bonus, depending on various factors that make up the offer.

Other important facts

Staking tokens count towards both your DuckDAO and DuckSTARTER tiers.

For example, if you have 400 $DD staked you will have both Gold and Fight Club Inner Circle Access.

To join an inner circle group, you can find the link at access.duckdao.io. Clicking on the links will initiate a conversation with CollablandBot. Connect your wallet and verify your token stake to gain access to the appropriate inner circle.

Screenshot from access.duckdao.io webpage

Why get the higher tiers?

The higher the tier the higher the potential. Higher tiers get better conditions overall.

They get higher allocations, more time to participate, 24/7 support, and more. We’ve got plenty of members who started in Fight Club and eventually decided to upgrade to a higher tier, so it’s up to you to decide which tier is right for you.

To get access to the most basic offerings, it’s best to stake at least 80 $DD. That way you get exposure to all opportunities provided by DuckDAO.

Most importantly, there is no reason to FOMO. DuckDAO has been around for many years and will continue to be here. The only question is whether DuckDAO is right for you!

Got more questions?

Join our community where our admins are more than happy to assist you with any question you may have. If you have a specific problem with any of our platforms, feel free to reach out to [email protected] and we will respond as soon as possible with a solution.


Presale — An early contribution stage where users can send stablecoins to receive tokens of early-stage projects at a future date, typically on a vesting schedule.

IDO — A later contribution stage, typically the last stage before the project’s TGE, often has more lenient vesting schedules. Allocations are typically lower for IDOs, as they are seen more as a marketing event, rather than a fundraising vehicle.

TGE — Stands for “Token Generation Event”, used to denominate the moment of the token’s creation. In recent times, TGE is used synonymously with the first moment liquidity is added on a DEX.

DEX — Decentralized Exchange (e.g. Uniswap)

Vesting — A planned release of tokens over time. E.g. 10% TGE, 8 months vesting, monthly unlock, this vesting would translate to 10% of tokens being available at TGE, followed by 8 monthly releases of tokens (equal token amounts) until the total distribution is complete. Vesting plans come in many different forms.

Stay connected with DuckDAO

Engage with DuckDAO in your way. We are active on Twitter, Telegram, and our website. Find the official links below!

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