29 December 2023 Wukash

DuckDAO’s New Tier 1 Incubation

Panama City, 29/12/2023 – We at DuckDAO are thrilled to announce the partnership with CV Pad, a groundbreaking blockchain and cryptocurrency launchpad born in the Crypto Valley in Switzerland. This initiative, a collaborative effort with CV VC AG and CV Labs from Zug, Switzerland, represents a landmark achievement in the blockchain incubation and acceleration landscape.

CV VC Founder, Matthias Ruch, boasts a track record of visionary leadership, having also founded the Swiss Blockchain Federation, which authored the pivotal white paper for the Swiss Blockchain Law, enacted in 2018. This legal framework has paved the way for Switzerland’s rise as a global hub for blockchain innovation. Additionally, CV VC and CV Labs have established themselves as prominent fixtures at the World Economic Forum in Davos, annually hosting some of the most influential gatherings in the crypto and blockchain space. Their extensive network boasts partnerships with over 50 well-known crypto companies, including Solana, LayerZero, Hashgraph, and Polygon, among others.

We’re excited to share that CV Pad has already formed strategic partnerships with industry leaders like ConsenSys, Cointelegraph, and Chainlink, and is actively engaging with leading Web3 Layer 1 protocols. They are creating customized tracks for each protocol, offering tailored funding and acceleration opportunities.

In summary, CV Pad is primed for an exciting future with:
Tier 1 Partnerships: Expect announcements of Tier 1 partnerships in the near future.
Tier 1 Exchange Listing: Access to leading cryptocurrency exchanges.
Tier 1 Investors: Welcoming top-tier investors into the CV Pad ecosystem.
Tier 1 Deal Flow: Anticipating high-quality deals in the pipeline.

Aiming to rival established players like Coinlist and Republic, CV Pad is set to become the preferred platform for launching innovative blockchain projects. This marks a pivotal moment in the crypto landscape, offering a gateway for promising projects to gain global recognition.

For venture capitalists interested in the opportunities CV Pad presents, an “Interest Form” is available on the website cvpad.io. For the crypto community, DuckDAO is your exclusive channel to engage with CV Pad. We’re proud to provide a platform for individual crypto enthusiasts to be a part of the next wave of blockchain innovation.

With its strong foundation, strategic partnerships, and dedication to excellence, CV Pad is poised to be a leader in the crypto industry. We invite you to join us on this exhilarating journey towards a decentralized future.

For media inquiries or more information, please contact us at:
[email protected]

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