11 January 2024 Zoran

One Pager Competition

DuckDAO One Pager Competition

Make an investment one-pager and earn your way into the Inner Circle.

Welcome to the first ever DuckDAO investment pitch competition. Participate and be one of the smart and bright 10 that will get a DuckDAO Fight Club NFT. Learn more about DuckDAO here.

The competition is simple. We are rewarding new users who are willing to put in the work and prepare a one-page pitch for DuckDAO to potentially invest in an upcoming project. The one pager needs to be effective, informative, and enable us to make a real decision, so we’ve provided this template to get you started.

Imagine that the person reading your pitch needs to make a decision to invest a sizeable amount of funds into the project by the time they finish reading it and move on to the next one. You have a short amount of real estate (1 page) and your writing needs to capture the attention of the investor.

While you don’t necessarily need to follow the template in the letter, please make sure that any modifications you make contribute to the clarity of the information. Fundamentally, your one-pager will be judged based on clarity, effective communication, and information density.

We hope that this competition will prove to be an interesting challenge and patiently await your submission.

Disclaimer: Only non-DuckDAO members can participate. If you are currently a DuckDAO member, share this opportunity with your friends and help them get exposed to this part of crypto for free.

Competition timeline:

Start: 11th January, 2024

End: 25th January, 2024

Winners Announced: 1st February

Get Started:

  1. Open the Template (https://shorturl.at/CJZ68)
  2. Click on File → Make a copy 
  3. Edit the document on the second page with information about your chosen project.
  4. Remove all extra content (such as these guidelines and everything above)
  5. Once done, click on Share → General Access → Anyone with the link can comment.
  6. Share your link in the DuckDAO Lobby (make sure to include the #DuckDAOReport hashtag)
    1. https://t.me/duckdaolobby
    2. Optional: Include a short message explaining why you chose this project for context for the rest of the community
  7. Write a comment on the DuckDAO One Pager Tweet (link to tweet)
  8. Retweet the DuckDAO One Pager Tweet (link to tweet)
  9. Fill out the competition form so we can contact you (https://forms.gle/wEvn7YarpdPgbx8t9)
  10. You are done! 


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