20 December 2023 Wukash

DuckDAO Unleashes the Prison

Dive into DuckDAO´s LP Farming and gain access and rewards! 🚀

Hey DuckDAO Community,

Excitement levels are soaring as we drop a bombshell: introducing DuckDAO´s LP Prison, your ticket to a world where your $DD LP not only stays secure but generates bribes (APY) and access to DuckDAO´s tier system for you!

👉 Quick Overview:

  • Yield Cells: Stake your $DD LP, earn ongoing and closing bribes. Flexibility to exit anytime, but leaving during the Bribe Period means missing out on closing bribes.
  • Access Cells: Similar to Yield Cells but with an added bonus! Get DDF (DuckDAO Farm token) in your wallet while you’re in the cell. DDF is non-transferable but packs a punch!
  • Exclusive Access to Inner Circle Groups: Two paths, one destination. Stake $DD for DDA on access.duckdao.io or provide liquidity to Uniswap in the ETH/DD pair. Join Inner Circle Groups like “Beachclub” and unlock the future.

🚨 Caution:

Disclaimer: The current prison is in early beta and is subject to future changes. We’re tweaking things to make it even more awesome.

🎉 Why Join DuckDAO’s Prison?

  1. Earn While You HODL: Your $DD LP isn’t just sitting pretty; it’s working hard to bring you ongoing and closing bribes. Ka-ching!
  2. Exclusive DDF Rewards: Access Cells don’t just offer APY; they toss in DDF tokens too! Non-transferable, but who needs to transfer when you’re reaping the rewards?
  3. Inner Circle Access Made Easy: Ditch the old ways! Join Inner Circle Groups by staking or providing liquidity. Beachclub, anyone?
  4. DuckDAO: Redefining DeFi: We’re not just a community; we’re a movement. The Duck Prison is where opportunities flourish, rewards flow, and stability reigns.

🚀 Unlock the Future with DuckDAO!

Join the DuckDAO’s Prison. Dive in, stake your LP, and let the bribes roll in!

👉 Join Now

Ready to redefine the game?




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