26 December 2023 Ken

And the next incubation is …

DuckDAOs first incubation since 2021

DuckDAO is celebrating a new Tier 1 Incubation, continuing their success story as pioneers since 2020. They have been at the forefront of full incubations, assisting startups from the initial stages (0-100). The Incubation track record of DuckDAO is impressive, with key performance indicators (KPIs) such as:

  • 100x Average Multiplier on DuckDAO incubations at Peak.
  • 1B Average Market Capitalization (MCAP) on DuckDAO incubations at Peak.

These metrics reflect the success and growth of projects that DuckDAO has supported.

The numbers include Bloktopia, Bondly, Poolz – to name a few projects.

As part of their ongoing success, DuckDAO is launching it’s new incubation with the following parameters:

  • Project Name: to be revealed on Dez. 29th 20023
  • Narrative: Launchpads (T1)
  • Project Launch: Q1 or early Q2 2024
  • Investment Availability: Starting January 2024
  • Investment Platform: DuckDAO.io

DuckDAO provides it’s members with the opportunity to participate in the new incubation projects. As a DAO, anyone can participate in DuckDAO and get also an access to the new Incubation, provided they pass KYC/AML. If you’re interested in taking part, you can visit DuckDAO.io and join the community now. Keep an eye out for more details and updates from DuckDAO as they continue to contribute to the growth of startups in the crypto space.

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