21 December 2023 Zoran

DuckDAO’s New Frontier

$DD Token Kickstarter + MEXC Listing

A vibrant and festive image depicting a cartoon rocket surrounded by enthusiastic cartoon ducks, symbolizing DuckDAO's Kickstarter campaign in the blockchain world. The scene includes abstract symbols and digital patterns representing growth and progress.

Celebrating DuckDAO’s Journey: A Community United for Blockchain Innovation

We are excited to announce that we will have a Kickstarter campaign on MEXC, join us as we embark on a new journey with our partner. This campaign marks an important moment in our shared adventure in the crypto world, offering both excitement and growth opportunities.

Campaign Details

The campaign, beginning on the 22nd of December at 10 AM UTC and culminating with the listing on MEXC on the 23rd of December at 12 PM UTC, offers a platform for the DuckDAO community to come together, showcasing our strength and unity in the crypto space. 


  1. Announcement time and deposit opening time: 22nd December 10am UTC 
  2. Kickstarter – Campaign Time: 22nd December 10am UTC to 23rd December 10am UTC
  3. Listing Time: 23rd December at 12pm (noon)
  4. Withdrawal time: 24th December at 12pm (noon)

Our collaboration with MEXC is a strategic step that will enhance DuckDAO’s brand visibility. This partnership is expected to bring new enthusiasts into our fold, enriching our community with fresh perspectives and strengthening our position in the decentralized finance landscape.

DuckDAO thrives on its community spirit, so we would like to encourage all DuckDAO members with MEXC accounts to take part in this Kickstarter campaign. Each participating member contributes to the success of DuckDAO and helps to reinforce the bonds that make our community unique and vibrant.

If you are not able to participate directly, help spread the word and share it on your X, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and other social platforms. 

We invite every member of the DuckDAO community to be part of this exhilarating campaign. Please note that there are stringent requirements put in place by the MEXC team that may disqualify you, particularly as you are required to hold the MX token on your wallet for the past 15 days. Your involvement is appreciated, however we understand if it isn’t possible.

Most importantly, this campaign will bring new community members to our digital abode. People like yourself who are enthusiasts for early-stage projects and seek to get involved as early as possible with the cutting edge of crypto.

To help support this update, share, like, and comment on our tweet: https://twitter.com/dao_duck/status/1737931057075298341

Following the Kickstarter campaign on MEXC, the $DD token will be listed, providing another avenue for users to onboard, offboard, speculate, and own their very own piece of DuckDAO. 

An exciting phase of growth and resilience awaits DuckDAO and this campaign is just the beginning.

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