14 February 2024 Zoran

DuckDAO Partners with Tevaera

Elevating Web3 Gaming

DuckDAO is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Tevaera, the pioneering Web3 gaming ecosystem on zkSync. This collaboration combines DuckDAO’s engaged community of cryptocurrency enthusiasts with Tevaera’s innovative gaming technology.

Introducing Tevaera

Tevaera is leading the charge in revolutionizing gaming through its zkStack-based L3 gaming chain, deeply integrated with zkSync Era and other hyperchains to form a cohesive gaming world, zkNation. The platform boasts significant achievements, including over 1M+ multiplayer matches in Teva Run and a community of 740K+ SB Citizens. Impressively, Tevaera has generated $1M+ in revenue within just six months and leads in NFT minting on zkSync with 1.8M+ utility-driven NFTs.

$TEVA Token: Fueling the Gaming Ecosystem

The $TEVA token is integral to Tevaera’s ecosystem, powering everything from Teva Chain gas fees to an esports model economy, alongside facilitating governance and voting. The strategic decision to burn 25% of revenue in $TEVA tokens demonstrates Tevaera’s commitment to sustainable ecosystem growth.

DuckDAO’s Contribution

DuckDAO is set to spotlight Tevaera, using our network to introduce their groundbreaking platform to a wider audience through:

  • AMA Sessions: Initiating conversations with Tevaera’s team to explore their gaming universe and upcoming projects.
  • Incentivized Rewards Pool: Engaging our community with meaningful rewards to foster deep involvement in Tevaera’s ecosystem.
  • Enhanced Community Engagement: Facilitating interactions between Tevaera and DuckDAO members to support a continuous exchange of ideas and feedback.

The Road Ahead

This partnership marks the beginning of a journey to redefine Web3 gaming. With DuckDAO’s support, Tevaera’s innovative approach to gaming is set to reach new heights, backed by a community eager to embrace the next wave of gaming innovations.

🔗 Keep an eye out for details on the AMA and how to participate in the rewards pool. Join us on this exciting venture as we push the boundaries of gaming in the Web3 era alongside Tevaera.

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